Industry Benchmark

Get a qualified view of the exposure and reputation of the key players in your market

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Compare yourself with your competitors and understand the landscape of your industry through the bias of the press.

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The main challenges in communication management due to the new media ecosystem:

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    Focus only on the mainstream press and high volumetry of news without meaning for the business, with monthly reports distant from the facts monitored

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    Outdated measurement methodologies, such as centimeters

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    Indicators that do not correlate with the KPIs of the CEO, the Board, with other areas and with the strategic objectives of the company

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    Diverse data sources, no integration in visualizations

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    Delays in identifying and reacting to potential image crisis outbreaks

Cortex can help with:

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    Real-time monitoring

    Know in real time what the press is saying about your company and your competitors.

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    Reputation management

    Track the daily reputation of your brand and your competitors. Monitor trends and potential image risks, analyzing each strategic pillar. Learn how each one of them is impacting your reputation.

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    Opinion Leader Ranking

    Track how your brand and your industry are being talked about by each vehicle and opinion leader. Identify which vehicles generate the best results for your brand.

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    Industry Benchmark

    Learn how your competitors are performing in the press and digital media. Understand how they are impacting the market.

Expected Results:

  • More agility to analyze competitor mentions in press vehicles and opinion leaders' digital profiles.

    So you can develop actions and responses in a timely manner, based on competitors' repercussions

    Less effort to compare with competitors and benchmark against an integrated dashboard

    This makes it easier for the team to focus on strategy and actions, which is what really matters

    More strategy to look at the market movements

    With the integration your team develops a 360° look at the market

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