Business Recommendation

Work with the right companies using Artificial Intelligence for recommendation of the best opportunities.


Our mathematical model analyzes the characteristics of your customer portfolio and finds the best companies among those most similar to those you already serve.

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These are some challenges to generate new business opportunities:

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    Great effort by the commercial team to qualify leads, which makes the process long and unproductive;

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    Little detailing of the company to be prospected, making it difficult to refine the profile of the ideal client;

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    Lack of updated contact information of decision makers in the target companies;

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    Little visibility of new markets.

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Business Recommendation Analytics Dashboard

    Open new prospecting fronts using our proprietary artificial intelligence. Access up-to-date contacts of the decision makers of the analyzed companies and evaluate the probable purchase value, most indicated products for sale and the propensity to close a deal.

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    Prioritization of the best leads

    Leave the prospecting lists behind and filter the most adequate leads for each moment of your strategy directly in our platform. Rank your leads based on propensity versus time, propensity versus value, and value versus time, determining who are the targets most inclined to close business with your company automatically.

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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    You can integrate your data and track the real-time result of our analyses, gaining insights from flexible dashboards that guide you to improvement actions. All in one place.

See how we make your growth simpler:

  • Increased conversion rates

    With more business recommendations coming into the pipeline, more sales opportunities salespeople will have to work with.

    Reduced sales cycle

    Our solution acts in an automated way on functions that a salesperson and even other tools without intelligence would take much longer to do - and without the precision that Cortex can deliver.

    Increased market share

    By making it easier to reach your potential customer, your company can come out ahead of the competition and capture a larger share of the market.

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