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Access contact information of light and heavy duty vehicle owning companies to shorten the sales cycle and improve ROI

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Learn how to meet the qualification needs of companies in the industry by finding information about your fleet and contacting decision makers for negotiations.

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caso de uso - logistico
For companies in various segments, the transportation of products and supplies is a crucial issue for the operation. Therefore, logistics companies are concerned with mapping fleet services to ensure the closing of new business, but encounter difficulties in the qualification of data in this process.

These are some challenges to perform the mapping of fleet services:

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    Difficulty in obtaining information regarding fleet size and the classification of vehicles between light and heavy, increasing the costs of the operation.

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    Errors and inaccuracies in the contact data of decision-makers for closing deals make prospecting need to be done manually.

  • Lack of flexibility in the selection of search parameters.

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Market analytics dashboard with information about fleets and companies

    Check out the graphical representation of all data collected by the platform and customize your analysis. Select filters such as model, manufacturer, color, and vehicles registered in rental companies or finance companies. Also analyze the geographical distribution of fleets, and much more.

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    Export of professional B2B contacts

    Find out the contact information of decision makers in logistics companies across the country.

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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    Integrate your data and track the result in real time, get insights from flexible dashboards, and trigger improvement actions. All in one place.

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    Export of company data

    Get access to detailed information about the companies that use light and heavy vehicle fleets.

Results that our solution can help you achieve:

  • Partner base growth

    With flexible search parameters that provide data on fleet size, light or heavy vehicles, geographical distribution, among other strategic information.

    Reduced sales cycle

    Through the identification of companies that fit your business and assertiveness of the decision-makers' contacts.

    Marketing and Sales ROI Improvement

    By using data intelligence to automate processes and create strategies that minimize costs and increase revenue.

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