Brand Exposure

Monitor in real time the exposure of your brand and your competitors in the media and press


Our solution offers an integrated panel with indispensable metrics to maintain a good exposure for the brand's audiences

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These are some challenges for monitoring the brand exposure:

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    Focus only on the mainstream press and analog vehicles

  • PR-icone-resultadoquantitativo-sec1-2

    High volumetry of news without meaning for the business

  • PR-icone-resultadoquantitativo-sec1-3

    Diverse data sources with non-integrated visualization

  • PR-icone-resultadoquantitativo-sec1-4

    Monthly reports and distant from the monitored facts

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Real-time tracking

    Follow in real time what the press is saying about your company and monitor your brand's exposure in the media.

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    Competitors' Quantitative Results

    Understand the quantitative results of your competitors by tracking the frequency and reach of their publications in each media outlet.

See how we make your growth simpler:

  • More agility to understand the performance of area actions 

    You evaluate the performance in each type of media and compare the results of different campaigns.

    Less effort to make comparisons with competitors and benchmarks

    All this in an integrated dashboard and without the manual work of the operational team.

    More ease with automatically updated reports in accessible dashboards

    This way anyone in the company can follow the evolution of the results.

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