Sales Forecast

Track your sales, predicting your results and understanding the points of action to reduce the risk of not achieving your goals


With the support of Artificial Intelligence, learn to control the probability of achieving goals, what your team is delivering and the propensity to close sales.

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These are some challenges to manage sales and goals:

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    Not having visibility into the risk of not hitting your goals;

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    Little detail and visibility into which salespeople, products or opportunities need more attention;

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    Lack of up-to-date information on value sold, probable sale, and probable value.

Understand how Cortex helps you solve these challenges:

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    Sales Forecast Analytics Dashboard

    Access real-time data generated by Artificial Intelligence and monitor your rate of closing new deals, as well as quickly identify the risks of not meeting your goals. 

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    Risk Detailing

    We simplify sales management by indicating which salespeople or products need more attention. This happens with an analysis of the portion of the goal beaten and the propensity to convert into business by time, probable contract value, and by value versus time.
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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    You can integrate your data and track the real-time result of our analyses, gaining insights from flexible dashboards that guide you to improvement actions. All in one place.

See how we make your growth simpler:

  • Better understanding of the sales forecast

    Your planning will be much more assertive, besides having a realistic perspective of how the team's performance is.

    More agile and assertive decision making

    The area's decisions will no longer be made based on the salesperson's feeling, but based on precise, qualified data, that enables to elevate the sales predictability to a more analytical and intelligent level.

    Monitoring the sales cycle in real time and the risk to the target

    With real-time monitoring, it is possible to act quickly to solve possible bottlenecks and process errors that prevent the achievement of the set goals.

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