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Do you work with recruitment services? Improve your lead generation and conversion rate with more assertiveness in the contact information of companies with active vacancies

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Use Artificial Intelligence to identify and map organizations with active job openings on Brazil's main job portals and offer your recruitment and selection services.

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caso de uso - recrutamento

Brazil is the country with the largest share of HR consultancies in Latin America, accounting for 75% of revenues in the region*. In a moment of economic stagnation, with organizations seeking to be more accurate in their hiring, companies specialized in Recruitment and Selection can overcome their challenges with B2B sales intelligence by mapping the market and identifying potential clients with active vacancies in the desired profile.

*Source: Na Prática Institute

These are some challenges in the recruitment and selection sector:

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    Difficulty in generating leads to feed the pipeline, making it impossible for the sales team to generate enough volume of opportunities to deliver their goals.

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    In an attempt to minimize the impacts of low lead volume, the Outbound and Inbound teams use unstructured information from job portals, which directly impacts the team's conversion results.

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Market analytics dashboard with vacancy information and their descriptions

    Check out the graphical representation of data collected from over 20 of the largest job portals in Brazil and customize your analysis. Use parameters to refine the ideal client profile (ICP), such as: vacancy name, location, salary range, type of contract and working hours, requirements and competencies described, among other data sets.

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    Export of B2B professional contacts

    Discover the contact information of decision-makers at companies with vacancies registered at major job portals. In addition, enrich your base with contacts in the desired positions and have more assertiveness in your offer.

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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    Integrate your data and track the result in real time, obtain insights from flexible dashboards, and trigger improvement actions. All in one place.

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    Export of company data

    Get access to detailed information about companies with active job openings registered in the main Brazilian job portals.

See how we make your growth simpler:

  • Conversion rate improvement

    With the identification of companies with active job openings in the main job portals and assertiveness in the contact information of decision makers.

    Increased opportunity generation and revenue

    By identifying potential customers with suitable PCI definition parameters for the services and/or products offered.

    More assertiveness in resource allocation and productivity gain

    By automating processes and creating strategies to minimize costs and increase revenue.

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