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caso de uso - ecommerce

Get the support of Artificial Intelligence to map e-commerce stores and identify the e-commerce platforms used.

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caso de uso - ecommerce

Brazilian e-commerce grew 26.9% in 2021 and recorded record sales: more than R$ 161 billion*. Despite the expansion, the teams responsible for selling and generating demand in companies of this sector still have difficulties to visualize market share, analyze the ideal customer profile (ICP), and perform segmentation. However, it is possible to identify all this and much more with efficiency and agility with the support of B2B sales intelligence. Source: Neotrust

These are the challenges when mapping e-commerce technology without a data intelligence:

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    Using only IRS data or lists from data bureaus does not bring the strategic information to the Marketing, Growth and Sales teams.

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    Currently these sources classify companies by CNAE, but do not indicate the sales modality - whether online or offline -, besides only having the information of registration data, without identifying the e-commerce platform used.

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Market Analytics Dashboard

    Check out the graphical representation of data collected from the main marketplaces in Brazil and customize your analysis. Use parameters to refine the ICP, such as: product category, billing profile, company size, among others.

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    B2B professional contacts export

    Discover the contact information of decision makers to prospect new marketplace partners. In addition, enrich your base with contacts in the desired positions and have more assertiveness in your offer.

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    Export of company data

    Get access to information about technologies used by companies that sell in their own e-commerce or in marketplaces.

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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    Integrate your data and track the result in real time, get insights from flexible dashboards, and trigger improvement actions. All in one place.

See how we make it simple for you to grow:

  • Increasing the amount of marketplace partners

    By finding sellers that fit your company more easily and with a higher volume, there is a higher probability of closing a deal than in cases of manual prospecting.

    Increase in revenue

    With a greater number of deals closed, it is natural that profits grow at the same pace

    Increase in the variety of products available on the site

    With the filters available in our panel you can search for companies that diversify the products offered to the final consumer in your marketplace.

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