The growth intelligence platform

Cortex's Workflow Intelligence and Growth Platform

The intelligence of Cortex platform's begins with the ability to capture data from different sources and in different formats. Our robots are able to crawl public sources and structure data from texts, tables, images, videos or audios, and combine them with your company's information.

Our analytics and dashboard builder tool makes it simple to monitor information, make decisions, and trigger the right actions at the right times.

All of this is done by the teams that work directly in the business areas, with flexibility, agility and constant support of our experts.


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Automatic harmonization of all your databases

Integrate your internal data, manual or non-manual, from any source and in any format, with external data. Get all your automated data in one place and turn it into business insights.

Visualization of the integration of internal and external data from the Cortex platform


Custom AI modeling for key challenges

Our team of experts models artificial intelligence and data science solutions tailored to your business challenge. Automate your processes, drive operational efficiency, gain predictive insights.

Custom Artificial Intelligence Modeling for Key Challenges


Executive dashboards like you've never seen

Create live, interactive, real-time dashboards without relying on anyone's help. Choose your filters and define the analysis you want. Visualize causes and effects, make your predictions and make decisions based on smart insights.

Interactive Dashboards with Insights and Line & Pie Charts


Easy analytics for complex data

Execute the right actions when data indicate
it is the right time. You can setup data driven
workflows based on analytical triggers.
The platform will then aid execution with automatic emails and alerts. Data, analysis and action are together for the first time.

Workflow through executive dashboards with visual analytics


The information you need at the right time

Customize the triggering of emails and messages to receive alerts on everything that matters. Receive notifications instantly or set the ideal frequency for your routine.



Useful analysis at your service everywhere

At any time, from your cell phone or tablet, feed the platform or consume relevant market, competition and your own business information.

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We are the only Brazilian company in the Global Data Alliance, a coalition of selected global companies, committed to high standards of data usage.