Information Bubbles

Understand how your brand is mentioned in each influence bubble and identify ways to insert yourself in society's debates


Discover the different positions of the press, opinion leaders and government entities about relevant topics for your company.

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The main challenges in communication management due to the new media ecosystem:

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    High volumetry of news without meaning for the business and monthly reports distant from the facts monitored

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    Difficulty to follow trends, hot topics and potential image crises beyond one's own attention bubble

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    High complexity in tracking the movements of the digital media ecosystem because it is expensive and/or fragmented

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    Difficulty in communicating assertively with stakeholders according to each positioning

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    Little understanding of the different biases that the subjects take in the discussions in the digital environment

Cortex can help with:

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    Real-time monitoring

    Follow in real time the intensity of the topics on the social networks. Understand the debate trend of the day and which ideological bubbles are most active at the moment.

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    Risks and opportunities

    Identify possible risks and opportunities to insert yourself in the debate by following the conversations of the main opinion leaders on the social networks. Understand the best moment to launch your actions and maximize your exposure.

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    Bubble Movement

    Learn how each ideological matrix is positioning itself in relation to topics of interest to the business. Understand how and in which information bubbles your brand and other companies are being exposed.

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    Target Audience Analysis

    Map out where and how the company's target audience is impacted by the bubbles. Invest in influencers and vehicles aligned with your strategy and institutional positioning.

Expected results:

  • More agility to understand the debates in the information bubbles.

    Understanding the debate trend of the day and which ideological bubbles are most active at the moment. 

    More anticipation to identify risks and opportunities.

    So you can identify risks and opportunities to insert yourself into the debate.

    Less effort to map how the public tends to be impacted by the content.

    You track what is relevant to the business and how the target audience tends to be impacted by the content.

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