Media trends

Track how topics of impact to your business are being perceived by the press, opinion leaders and competitors


Identify opportunities to be explored and customize the panels with insights according to your topics of interest.

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The main challenges in communication management due to the new media ecosystem:

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    Focus only on the mainstream press and analog vehicles

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    High volumetry of news without meaning for the business

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    Monthly reports that are distant from the monitored facts

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    Indicators that do not correlate with the KPIs of the board and CEO, as well as other areas and the strategic objectives of the company

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    High complexity in tracking the digital media ecosystem movements because it is expensive and/or fragmented

Cortex can help with:

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    Real-time monitoring

    Track how topics of impact to the business are being perceived by the press, opinion leaders and competitors.

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    Opinion leader analysis

    Check trends on business agendas among opinion leaders in the press and social media. Understand their interest and perception regarding the relevant topics for the company.

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    Competitors' movements

    Track which companies are most inserting themselves in the topics of interest and how they are positioning themselves on the issues.

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    Risks and opportunities

    Identify possible risks and opportunities to insert yourself in the debate by following conversations in the networks of the main opinion leaders. Understand the best moment to launch your actions and maximize your exposure.

Expected results:

  • Easier to identify the opinion leaders more adherent with the brand.

    So you know who has more adherence to the impact themes for the business.

    More strategy to position yourself (or not) in relation to relevant subjects.

    You monitor the relationship to issues that really generate business impact, without the brand being caught by surprise.

    Less effort to follow how your competitors are positioning themselves in the media.

    So you evaluate how major brands are positioning themselves inside and outside your market.

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