Customer Analysis

Increase the productivity of your sales team and leverage your portfolio loyalty actions


Understand the common characteristics of your customer portfolio and extend your conclusions to the market, increasing the assertiveness of your prospecting.

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These are some challenges to generate more opportunities in your customer portfolio:

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    Unstructured and incomplete data that makes the process unproductive;

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    Real-time analysis of changes in customer profiles;

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    Lack of up-to-date information to work cross-sell and up-sell;

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    Little visibility of new markets.

Understand how Cortex helps to solve these challenges:

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    Customer Analytics Dashboard

    Facing difficulties in understanding your customer profile due to the quality and precision of the data will be a thing of the past. Our solution will structure and cross-reference your internal data with the Cortex database, returning analyses that can be customized with information such as: top segments, CNAEs, geographic distribution, average ticket, revenue range, size and much more.

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    Portfolio extrapolation

    Make your prospecting more assertive with access to information on your potential market. We enable you to discover companies with similar characteristics to those of your client portfolio and determine which ones are more adherent to your business. With the contact of the decision-makers of these companies, your salespeople will have a greater chance of closing more sales.

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    Integration with CRM and internal data sources with API

    Integrate your data and track your prospecting results in real time with our dashboards. Get insights and change your strategy by identifying changes in your customer profile and initiate cross sell and upsell opportunities to make the most of your customers' buying potential. All in one place.

See how we make it simple for you to grow:

  • Better understanding of the customer profile of your current portfolio

    The more you know your audience, the easier it is to design new strategies and refine them over time to not only keep your customers but to gain new ones.

    Increase cross and up sell conversion rates

    By analyzing your customer portfolio it is also possible to find out which of them have the profile to buy new products or services.

    Closing deals that fit with your company

    The portfolio extrapolation shows the portion of the potential market that you can conquer based on your current customers. Therefore, the propensity to buy is higher.

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