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The main challenges in communication management due to the new media ecosystem:

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    Focus only on the mainstream press and high volumetry of news without meaning for the business, with monthly reports distant from the facts monitored

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    Outdated measurement methodologies, such as centimeters

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    Indicators that do not correlate with the KPIs of the CEO, the Board, with other areas and with the strategic objectives of the company

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    Diverse data sources, no integration in visualizations

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    It takes time to identify and react to potential image crisis hotspots

Expected Results:

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    Real-time monitoring

    Follow in real time what the press is saying about your company and monitor your brand's exposure in the media.

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    Propositional actions of the team

    Measure the return of the actions (interviews, releases, agenda suggestions, etc.) carried out by your brand and agencies. Invest with efficiency.

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    Actions per media type

    Follow up the results of the actions per day. Understand how each one of them performed by media type.

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    Communication events

    Measure the return on specific events held by your brand and agencies, such as quarterly results releases, program and product launches, etc. Measure the return per guest at the event.

Expected results:

  • More strategy to invest resources efficiently

    With a clearer view of ROI (Return on Investment), you know exactly which strategies work

    More efficiency to measure and prove the results of the communication area

    With an integrated report you can see exactly what you need to define your strategy

    Less manual effort with automatically updated reports in dashboards accessible to anyone

    So your team is free to focus on strategy and actions, which is what really matters

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