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Bubble and column charts with insights into media exposure vs competitors


Your results with more business impact and visibility

  • Gráfico de linha com dados da reputação em tempo real

    Realtime reputation

  • Gráfico em linha do retorno das ações

    ROI of campaigns

  • Gráfico em coluna com dados sobre concorrentes e tendências

    Competitors and trends

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Market, forecast and recommended business data presented in column charts


The fastest way to find opportunities and increase sales

  • Gráfico em bolha com informações de novos nichos de mercado

    New market niches

  • Enriquecimento de contatos por meio da inteligência de dados

    Contacts enrichment

  • Gráfico em linha apontando a propensão de compras através dos dados

    Buying propensity

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Why do companies choose Cortex?

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    Unique solutions for end-to-end growth challenges

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    Global data coverage, contact accuracy and many more proprietary variables

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    Flexible and user-friendly platform for rapid analytics and dashboard building

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    Support from an experienced team of marketing and sales intelligence experts

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