Cortex acquires data intelligence company ITB360 and reinforces its leadership in Latin America’s market intelligence software sector

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Cortex announced the acquisition of ITB360, a leading Latin American provider of business data-as-a-service for sales intelligence use cases with more than 17,000 trusted and verifiable data sources across 150 countries. Cortex’s first acquisition comes after the company raised approximately US$ 30M in 2020 from Softbank, Riverwood Capital, and Redpoint.

According to Leonardo Rangel, Cortex’s co-founder and co-CEO, the acquisition of ITB360 is part of the company’s strategy to accelerate its go-to-market intelligence solution for sales leaders. “We are thrilled to announce this important step in offering the tools sales leaders need to prospect, nurture, and close deals with authority.”

Rangel adds, “We have been partnering with ITB360 for several years and conducted a wide-ranging study of data quality, data reach, and customer satisfaction. We are excited to welcome the team to the Cortex mission and journey, and their marquee enterprise client base including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Google, Amazon, Bayer, Randstad, and Allianz.”

Natan Reiter, ITB360’s founder and CEO, comments on this important milestone for the company, “Cortex has always been a benchmark company for us. We have a strong affinity with its founders’ values and with the company’s culture. Integrity, for example, has always been essential for ITB360. We are proud to be the only company in our market that belongs to the Global Data Alliance, a coalition of global companies committed to the highest standards of responsible data usage.” 

The move was also well received by ITB360’s customers. Flavio Godinho, Head of Marketing Analytics at Microsoft, shares his expectations with the acquisition, “We have a close and trusted relationship with ITB360. The data intelligence platform is extremely unique, secure, and accurate. We have high expectations about what is to come now that they have joined Cortex.”

Cortex has several major enterprises and brands in its portfolio, such as FCA, Unilever, Globo, SulAmérica, L’Oréal, CCR, and iFood, spread throughout more than 20 industries across the Brazilian economy.

About Cortex

Cortex is a leading provider of SaaS data intelligence and analytics in Brazil, helping enterprise customers to accelerate their growth and better understand their markets and competitive positioning. Through its Growth Intelligence platform, Cortex enables the Sales, Marketing, and Communication areas of Latin American companies to accelerate growth through data.

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