Inteligência de vendas b2b

Have Artificial Intelligence as an ally to find new and more qualified B2B opportunities, to map the market and your ideal customer profile, to improve conversion rates, gain revenue predictability and, above all, to beat your sales targets more easily and quickly.

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    Identification and sizing of new market niches

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    Contacts search and CRM enrichment;

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    Buying propensity and revenue predictability;

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    Performance measurement and monitoring.

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What our customers are saying

"From the moment we started using Cortex services, we noticed a very big improvement in the quality of the data. We reached 90% accuracy of the data received, which directly impacted the results of our campaigns."

Flavio Godinho

Head of Marketing Analytics

"We are managing to gain a lot of scale in our data operation. We have been working with data for 10 years, but we only achieved this level of scale after starting to work with the Cortex solution."

Irving Prochnow

Product Marketing Coordinator

"We noticed that lead conversion rates increased significantly after using specific filters generated for our market"

José Carlos Yazbek

Head of Sales

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