Comunicação estratégica e reputação

Manage communication KPI’s in one place and measure their impact on business strategy. Discover our innovative, highly customizable platform and count on the support of our data communication specialists team.

  • PR-item-1

    Reputation management, ESG and crisis control

  • PR-item-2

    Competitors and trends monitoring

  • Integração de mídias e canais

    Media and channel integration

  • Retorno estratégico dos investimentos e ações

    Strategic return on investments

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What our customers are saying

"We built, together with Cortex, three reputation indicators to measure our results: brand NPS, thematic pillars and presence in strategic vehicles. With the platform, we can see the impact of our work at any time. Thus, we have time to review and update actions to achieve our planned results.”

Thais Arruda

Marketing and Communication Superintendent

"We work very close to the Cortex team and we perform a very detailed monitoring. We effectively use the insights and information generated to create and guide our communication strategies, both in corporate and product subjects. And for our different stakeholders, whether they are journalists, influencers and even the end customer."

Fernão Silveira

Global Director of Corporate Communication Strategy, Planning and Performance

"We map the subject's interest in the media as an indicator that anticipates the potential intensity of conversations on social platforms. Information becomes more reliable and permanent when multiple opinion leaders engage. With the media bias dashboard, we can see the guidelines that are more intense depending on the influencers and audiences.”

Manuela Cherobim

Public Relations and Risk Management Manager

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